Learning foreign language? Then you definitely know that it's easy to learn new vocabs, but difficult to remember them.

"It's not necessary to write down this word", - you say way too often. "I will not forget it."

But without repeating it, the information gets out of our head, sooner or later, without letting us know. Just think of the last 100 times you forgot someone's name after some time without contacting the person.

The keyword is repeating. Believe it or not, but you will forget even your native language, if you don't repeat it long enough. But since you're doing it every day, in a natural way by using your language, that won't happen.

But if you don't repeat the foreign language you know, be ready to forget everything. So there should be a way to fix the lack of repeating.

Sounds like a lot of work, repeating all the vocabs regularly. Well, it is, if 10 minutes a day is a lot of work for you.

So how to repeat all the vocabs without spending too much time on it?

That was the question I asked myself before starting to develop Another Flashcard App. And I solved it using an intelligent technique, that you can read about here.

The first thought that came to my mind was "That's going to work perfectly".

I wanted to try it out as soon as possible, and I was ready even to start learning Spanish just to proove this technique. :) And there was an iPhone App on it called Anki Flashcards. But this app wasn't ready to be used every day, just to use it once and delete.

So I thought of developing an App that you might want to use every day. Simple, but powerful.

The Birth of Intelli.

And I kept my word, I developed an app to increase vocabulary. It's so easy to use:

  • write down the word in your mother tongue and then the correspondent word in foreign language, that you don't want to forget
  • that's it. Just repeat it when it tells you to do so

This is how my Spanish deck looks like:


Since I use my app to learn Spanish, I fell in love with that language, started to use other techniques to reach a fluent level in one year. By the time of this post I have over 1500 flashcards in my database, learning around 40 every day and adding more and more new.

Forget no more.

Start using this app for your own purpose and then tell me your results. You will be surprised by the effectivity of this technique.

Did it work for you the same way as for me? Tell me more about your experience!

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