Inspired by Derek Sivers, I made this page to share what project am I focusing on right now. Something I want to get done.

  • Building a small circuit with Arduino microcontroller.

I want to improve my DIY skills and electronics is something I have been admiring for years. The target to get myself familiar with it to be able to make something bigger later: enhance electronics in my motorbike, make a real smart home use case, build a money-shredding alarm clock that will relentlessly shred a 100€ bill unless you switch it off beforehand. Putting it away from your bed could dramatically increase your motivation to wake up and do some sports..

  • Learning French

By watching movies with subtitles and, on my opinion the most effective method for learning foreign language, playing RPG computer games on French with subtitles. Some people don't take this one serious, but think of it: games like Gothic III, Skyrim, Fallout 3, Witcher etc. have tens of hours of dialogues with subtitles, and you have fun playing them.. So you immerse into the French environment.. On every place on Earth.

Positive customer feedback and happiness to be able to create value motivate me to work on my biggest iOS project. The app helps me also to learn French, not to forget Spanish and to keep and enhance my English vocabulary.

  • Practicing body weight training

3 simple body weight exercises will do it all: push-ups, pull-ups and squats. But there is more to it. A lot more. For body weight training there are no excuses. And it makes you fit. And strong, and stable, and flexible...

  • Learning the 3D modelling for later 3D printing

What a great technology, 3D printing! I just can't afford not to involve myself into it. 3D modelling is a basic must-have skill in the not too far future.